Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen


Silversmith and designer Kay Bojesen had a very special talent. He was able to bring wood to life, and he became world-famous for creating wooden toys that had soul and an impish sense of humour. With more than 2000 pieces to his name, Kay Bojesen was one of Denmark's most prolific artisans in the 20th century. Today, Kay Bojesen is regarded as one of Denmark's biggest designer names and his designs are among the most popular in Danish design.

His basic philosophy was to create imaginative toys in designs based on a child's own world where ‘lines need to smile’. The wooden toys had to be simple, solid and inspire children to play. He is best known for his playful and cheerful monkeys.

Kay Bojesen created his beloved wooden toys that appeal to the child within us all.

The Rosendahl Design Group is chosen by the Bojesen family to develop, manufacture and distribute his popular designs.


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